Windfall Farm Academy / Camps & Clinics

Thanks to the generosity of Gry McFarlane, owner of Windfall Farm, and our sponsor Circle Oak Equine of Petaluma, CA, we are thrilled to announce our new affiliation with the United States Pony Clubs effective January 1, 2016! Pony Club follows a similar format to scouting and encourages parents to be engaged in activities and volunteering at events.

Our commitment to offering top quality “hunt seat” riding lessons in a professional, welcoming, safe and fun environment is enhanced by the education, rating system and merit badge program the Pony Club Riding Center program offers. We encourage riders to join the USPC and reap the benefits it offers. Horse ownership is not required. Regardless of your background or past experience, our aim is to cultivate a life long passion and knowledge of horses for every student.

We are fortunate to have the experience and skill of Amy Drake as our lead Academy Instructor and Center Administrator. She enjoyed decades of showing in the equitation and hunter divisions and is loving sharing her knowledge as a trainer. Amy is an alumna of the Golden’s Bridge Hounds Pony Club of North Salem, NY.

WFA offers lessons on experienced school horses for beginner through intermediate riders. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation for riders of all abilities. Options are available to cater to your schedule and preference, including private and group lessons. Our program is designed to encourage teamwork, mutual respect, responsibility, and trust between horse and rider.

Recommended Riding Attire
A helmet is required every time a rider gets on the horse. If you have your own, please bring it.  We have helmets for students to borrow, or call us and we can refer you to a place to purchase one. We prefer ASTM approved helmets. Bicycle helmets and other types may not withstand the impact of a fall. If you have long hair please keep it neatly pulled back.

Boots with at least a 1” heel are also preferred. Please do not bring tennis shoes or sandals if you plan on riding. Again if you don’t have boots with a heel, we can help you find a place to get a pair.

Riding pants, also called breeches (they are stretchy with knee patches), or jeans are best for riding. Nothing too baggy or loose is preferred. Shirts with sleeves are recommended.

Our last suggestion is please no loose jewelry, such as long earrings, bracelets or necklaces.

Private lesson $75.

Monthly Tuition Plan: $280/month includes 4 lessons. Tuition is due at the beginning of the month. Additional lessons may be added at $70 each for riders currently on the tuition plan.


At Windfall Farm we offer a several horsemanship clinics throughout the year. Riders will work towards achievement badges as outlined in the United States Pony Clubs badge program. They will be under the watchful guidance of our experienced and knowledgeable Academy Instructor, and assistants as needed based on the number of participants. The minimum suggested age for our riders is 6 years old; there is no maximum age for riders!

For new riders interested in a one-day introduction "camp" to horses and riding, please contact Amy for a private plan.

2017 Clinic Dates: June 13-16; July 25-28; August 8-11

Contact  Amy Drake at 707/334-0533

• Clinic hours: 10: A.M. – 1:00 P.M.
• $325 per 4-day session 

Topics Include:
• Basic horsemanship: grooming, tack-up and care
• Horse and barn SAFETY
• Bandaging a horse for transport, wound care, or support following exercise
• How to walk and trot; canter included for riders with more experience
• How to bathe a horse
• Breeds and horse markings
• Basic horse needs
• Horse tack identification and cleaning

Download the 2017 Clinic Form from the green banner on our home page.

Go to the Contact Us page for any questions regarding clinics!